This adhesive bridge is a single-component solvent-free coating that can be used on indoor and outdoor matured plasters, non-structural and visible concrete, glass wallpaper, wood, paper, plasterboard surfaces on chipboard, OSB boards, formica, floor and wall tiling, etc. It is a penetration and reinforcing primer designed as a first coat for all absorbent and non-absorbent building materials, which are then treated with screeds, acrylic paints and plasters, etc. It can be used by itself to reinforce and increase the hydrophobicity of the surface.

  • Reinforcement of old and new surfaces
  • Contains no solvents or heavy metals
  • Very low sedimentation of silica sand
  • Resistant to weathering
  • Water-repellent, diffuse, alkaline-resistant
  • Reinforcing – strengthens damaged and incoherent surfaces
  • Bonding – increases the adhesion of individual layers of QUARTZ materials

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