This is a plasticizing additive for concrete that makes it easier to process concrete mixtures, transport them and subsequently lay them. It does not increase the air content in the mixture, does not affect aeration achieved by a suitable aeration additive. For architectural and visible concrete. For the production of pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete, monolithic concrete structures, light concrete, etc. Good for concrete designated for floor heating and industrial floors. Suitable for piles, injection grouting, access ramps, and garages. It makes it possible to produce concrete with high strength properties from mixtures of fluid consistency at relatively low consumption of cement.

  • Reduces water consumption
  • Extends workability and increases consistency
  • Improves the pumpability of the concrete mix, which retains fluid consistency without segregating aggregate or causing water separation
  • Has leveling capabilities
  • Increases the initial and final strength and density of the concrete
  • Reduces the incidence of shrinkage cracks
  • Does not increase air content in the mixture
  • Does not affect aeration achieved with a good aeration additive
  • Contains no chloride, therefore good for reinforced and pre-stressed concrete

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