Hot melt gun designed for gluing various materials using hot melt cartridges. The gun serves to melt the fusible cartridges and allows continuous glue dispensing. Molten polyethylene can be used to quickly and easily assemble, bond and repair various materials (PVC, plastics, wood, cork, metals, glass, textiles, etc.) or items in production. It can also be used for connecting thermal insulation (MIRELON) for hot water pipes. Suitable for households – gluing paper, cardboard, ceramics, artificial flowers and sealing small cracks.

  • Easy to refill and control
  • Immediate use
  • High adhesion to materials
  • Glued and water resistant
  • Bonding combination absorbent and non-absorbent material

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Order numberPackagingDesignQuantity in the cartonColorEAN
N311Gun BigBlister12 pcs8595100101105
N312Gun SmallBlister12 pcs8595100101112
N321Refills – large 11 x 200 mmBlister / 12 pcs12 pcsTransparent88595100153104
N320Refills – small 7,5 x 200 mmBlister / 30 pcs12 pcsTransparent8595100153098


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