Lamel disc is designed for grinding and edges, welds and rough surfaces. It is also suitable for grinding, polishing and surface machining of cast iron, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and other noble metals, conditionally suitable for stainless steel, steel of higher strength etc.


  • Removing paint, paint and rust.
  • Polishing welds and joints
  • Corundum design
  • Long service life due to the density of the slats
  • Grinding of high-alloy tool steel and structural steels
  • Maximum peripheral speed 80 / ms



Order number Packaging Grainity Quantity in the carton Color EAN
AB200 UNI 115×22 P40 P40 25 pcs 8595100146458
AB201 UNI 115×22 P60 P40 25 pcs 8595100146465
AB202 UNI 115×22 P80 P40 25 pcs 8595100146472
AB203 UNI 125×22 P40 P40 25 pcs 8595100146489
AB204 UNI 125×22 P60 P40 25 pcs 8595100146496
AB205 UNI 125×22 P80 P40 25 pcs 8595100146502



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