Three steps how to create your own private label

Boost your bussines

When you are a well-known dealer, you usually offer a wide portfolio of branded products that your clients know, but if you are a well-known and large retailer of construction chemicals, you have or think about your own brand. Also in this area we can offer you our services and knowledge. The whole process can be summarized in several successive steps.


Product selection and packaging design

For more than 20 years, we at Den Braven have been engaged in product development, packaging design, our own production and subsequent logistics. For our entire range of sealants, silicones, chemical anchors, MS polymers, polyurethane assembly foams, chemical anchors, but also cement adhesives, facade screeds and mortars, waterproofing coatings or penetrations we can find the solution for your brand.

If you already have a corporate brand of your own, it’s very easy to apply it to your chosen products. If this is the first project, we will help you with the initial design to your full satisfaction. We have an experienced marketing team that is ready to realize your ideas.


Legislation and environment

The product is not just the packaging and front of the visible label with your company logo, but a set of essential information on how to use the product properly and mandatory safety and technical documentation.

Here comes the colleagues from the technical department who have the knowledge how to mark the product correctly according to the safety CLP legislation and technical regulations standards with CE marking. The output are texts on the product packaging and summary documentation needed to sell the product.


Delivery terms and logistics

In view of the economics of packaging production and own production, it is important to know and clarify the number of packages printed and batches of the product.

Thanks to years of experience and knowledge of production processes, we can precisely define the economic numbers for production in accordance with your sales plan. Including preparation, production and delivery time.

Once all three steps have been mutually agreed, they are no easier than sending the finished design to a label printer or packaging manufacturer such as cartridges or paper bags, and our collaboration confirmed by the order can begin.