Special paint for coating a variety of surfaces. Ideal for spraying, metals, wood with excellent opacity. For outdoor and indoor use.

  • Fast-drying
  • High gloss
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate

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Order numberPackagingVolumeQuantity in the cartonColorColorRALEAN
TP01001DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsBeigeRAL 10018595100162649
TP01003DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsSignal YellowRAL 10038595100162656
TP01018DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsZink YellowRAL 10188595100162663
TP01023DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsYellow traficRAL 10238595100162670
TP01028DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsMelon YellowRAL 10288595100163332
TP02004DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsOrangeRAL 20048595100162687
TP03000DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsRedRAL 30008595100162694
TP03002DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsKarmir redRAL 30028595100162700
TP03003DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsRuby redRAL 30038595100162717
TP03004DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsPurpur redRAL 30048595100162724
TP03005DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsWine redRAL 30058595100163349
TP03011DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsRed BrownRAL 30118595100163356
TP03017DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsPinkRAL 30178595100163363
TP03020DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsRed trafficRAL 30208595100162731
TP04003DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsPurpleRAL 40038595100163370
TP04008DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsSignal purpleRAL 40088595100162748
TP05002DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsUltramarineRAL 50028595100162755
TP05010DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsEnzyme blueRAL 50108595100162762
TP05012DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsLight blueRAL 50128595100162779
TP05015DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsSky blueRAL 50158595100162786
TP05021DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsTyrkysRAL 50218595100163387
TP05022DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsNight blueRAL 50228595100162793
TP06002DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsLeaf GreenRAL 60028595100162809
TP06005DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsMoss GreenRAL 60058595100162816
TP06009DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsGreenRAL 60098595100162823
TP06018DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsYellow greenRAL 60188595100162830
TP06019DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsPastel GreenRAL 60198595100163394
TP06029DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsMint GreenRAL 60298595100162847
TP07001DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsSilver GrayRAL 70018595100162854
TP07016DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsAntracite GrayRAL 70168595100162861
TP07024DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsGrafit GrayRAL 70248595100162878
TP07032DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsGravel GrayRAL 70328595100163400
TP07035DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsLight GrayRAL 70358595100162885
TP07046DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsGray 2RAL 70468595100162892
TP08004DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsCopper BrownRAL 80048595100163417
TP08011DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsNut BrownRAL 80118595100163424
TP08016DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsMahagon BrownRAL 80168595100162908
TP08017DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsChocolate BrownRAL 80178595100162915
TP08019DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsGray BrownRAL 80198595100163431
TP09003DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsSignal WhiteRAL 90038595100162922
TP090031DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsSignal White mattRAL 90038595100162939
TP09005DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsBlackRAL 90058595100162946
TP090051DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsBlack mattRAL 90058595100162953
TP09010DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsWhiteRAL 90108595100162960
TP090101DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsWhite mattRAL 90108595100162977
TP09011DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsGrafit BlackRAL 90118595100162984
TP09017DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsTraffic BlackRAL 90178595100162991
TP09006DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsWhite aluminium – metalicRAL 90068595100163004
TP09181DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsCopper – metalicRAL91818595100163011
TP09182DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsGold – metalicRAL91828595100163028
TP09199DEUAerosol can400 ml12 pcsTransparent pickleRAL91998595100163035

Notice! The displayed shade is only indicative and depends on the settings of your monitor or display.

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12 pcs


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